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Films by Vivian Ostrovsky

MUBI is proud to be presenting vibrantly inventive work by world traveling filmmaker & curator Vivian Ostrovsky.

Above: Copacabana Beach (1983).


“'Home' is wherever I feel at home—and that is usually in a hotel or on a plane or on my way to an unknown destination with my camera and sound recorder in my carrier bag.”

MUBI is proud to present vibrantly inventive work by world traveling filmmaker and curator Vivian Ostrovsky, a New Yorker by way of Rio and Paris.

Included in the retrospective are:

These films are now available in all countries that have traditional access to MUBI's VOD library. Those countries in which our new 30 Films/Film-A-Day model is live will be seeing Vivian's films coming soon in their lineups!


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