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Harris Savides 1957 – 2012

One of the great cinematographers has left us. Savides worked with Van Sant, James Gray, Fincher, Noah Baumbach, Sophia Coppola, and more.

After the upcoming The Bling Ring, no more Harris Savides-shot movies: One of the great cinematographers has left us. We've genuinely lost a unique look at the world, and thus a very special vision of cinema. The excerpt below is from Gus Van Sant's Gerry (2002), one of six films Harris Savides shot for the filmmaker. Savides also unforgettably photographed films by James Gray, David Fincher, Woody Allen, Jonathan Glazer, Noah Baumbach, Ridley Scott and Sofia Coppola.

One of the all time greats, leaving far too soon. RIP Harris.
RIP Harris. Thank you for the visual pleasures.
He was really good. RIP
This really sucks. Loved his work and especially his efforts to mentor others. You will be missed, HS.
An influence to every film I have tried to shoot. RIP Harris, I can’t imagine how Gus is feeling.
Maybe my favorite contemporary cinematographer. RIP.
A shame and a great loss to modern cinema. Luckily, he left a hefty body of exceptional work to remember him by. RIP

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