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Image of the day. Errant Pleasures of Watching Film on Digital Video

While skipping around looking for a scene from Raoul Walsh's Gun Fury (1953) I found this nice collage of artifact corruption which entwines an image of Phil Carey roping Donna Reed with an image of a Donna Reed being roped by Phil Carey.  Cinematography by Lester H. White.

This fascinating visual error/look was explored in the brilliant music video for Norwegian artist Sprutbass’s song “Ulykke”. Check it out here:
Thanks for the link Karsten…this needs to happen more.
I saw a film at TIFF a couple years ago that basically exhibited a copy of Maya Deren’s MESHES that had been only partially torrented, which resulted in a kind of tiling-animation effect that wiped and revealed layers of dreams.
I saw a film at the Norwegian short film festival that uses this effect wonderfully, called Long Live the New Flesh. It takes its clips for various horror movies like the Shining, American Psyco and Videodrome and blends them into a organic mesh of gore and tension.
Traumas: Yeah, I also saw that one – brilliant stuff. Nicolas Provost is a very exciting filmmaker by the way. More here:

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