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Image of the day. How Dziga Vertov Organizes Filmmaking

Daniel Kasman

V 149 Pro˙ekt organizacii raboty po vypusku fil’mov „Kino-korrespondent“
Organisational chart for editions of Kino-korrespondent
D 1942 F 180 x 240 M photographic (?) reproduction U 1 sheet

Chart in concentric lines. At the centre one can find the crew – the director and the executive producer, then the editor-in-chief, the cinematographer and the text editor. This inner circle is connected to 12 sections, each three belonging to the “front of documentary material”, to the “front of literary work”, the “front for recording work” and the “front for editing work”. The document presents an organisational plan for systematic documentary work.


Text and images generously provided by the Austrian Film Museum from Dziga Vertov: The Vertov Collection at the Austrian Film Museum; Vienna: FilmmuseumSynemaPublikationen Vol. 4, 2006; edited by the Austrian Film Museum, Thomas Tode and Barbara Wurm.

The book is available for purchase for European readers here and for American readers here.  More resources on Dziga Vertov from the Austrian Film Museum can be found at their Online Vertov Collection resource, here.


From April 15 - June 4, 2011 New York's Museum of Modern Art is showing a large retrospective on the work of Dziga Vertov.


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