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Jack Nicholson is the Boss!
Did they catch him playing golf, or did he catch them taking pictures and decided to bring his golf club?
Oh shit, he’s looking at my car and he’s mad.
i adore!
This has long been one of my favorite portraits. The picture was taken by the great Annie Leibovitz and first appeared in the April 1992 issue of Vanity Fair. Whenever I drive around the Hollywood Hills, or watch one of Nicholson’s 70’s ‘character pieces’ I think of this… he’s simply in his element. Awesome to have as the pic of the day but someone should give credit to Leibovitz for capturing this.
Shite, that is a 9 iron!
It might be a picture by Anne Lebowitz (actually it is, for VF), but it reminded me of “About Schmidt”, directed by Alexander Payne (2002) made 10 years later and one of his best interpretations of eccentric characters.
Hi, Anyone can please help me and tell me where I can buy this print? My husband loves it every time we go to this hotel in S Fl. Thank you! Thank you! Cindy

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