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Image of the day. Jacques Tati on a Collision Course

Jacques Tati

Photograph by Bob Willoughby. (Via.)

the way he moves also in a still-life like a picture is timeless….
Eerily reminiscent of the Princess Diana crash. Damn those paparazzi!
In my opinion best movie ‘Un jour de fetes’ best scene the round about in ‘Mr Hulot en Americ’. More acurate prediction than Microsoft-Bill (64K) abaout the future (lets all queue up in trafic).
Dino… the way he stands on his toes, with his legs perfectly straight! How that gives the illusion of forward movement. Doesn’t seem to be straining much, either. If he were moving that fast wouldn’t the picture be blurry? Also, he sort of used this gag in Mon Uncle — the scene with the whistling boys. Cracks me up every time.

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