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One of the most important and happiest results of modern film research and restoration has been the availability of Frank Borzage’s incomparable quartet of masterpieces from the late twenties. Street Angel, Lucky Star, and The River added to Seventh Heaven confirm his position as one of the greatest directors. Most notably, The River emerges as one of the most powerful films ever. Even, or perhaps especially, in its truncated form (the beginning and the end are missing, leaving out melodramatic plot machinations), it presents an unprecedentedly intense story of a man and a woman who meet, spar, and come together. It’s as if we had a Hitchcock movie without the MacGuffin and only Grant and Bergman or Stewart and Kelly. Here it’s Charles Farrell and Mary Duncan, both at their very best. Then, Borzage always brought out the best in actors: Margaret Sullavan, Janet Gaynor, Kay Francis, and even Helen Hayes surpassed themselves with him.
Thanks for that rregan, Borzage is terrific indeed. We’re big fans here and will be posting more images and words on him in the future!
Thank you for the post, Mr. Kasman. Looking forward to more. Robert

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