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In the UK? Watch "Human Traffic" Courtesy of the Jameson Cult Film Club for Free!

Start your weekend early with a “blissfully hedonistic film.”

Justin Kerrigan was all of 25 when he wrote and directed the semi-autobiographical comedy Human Traffic (1999) about five teens partying their way through the Cardiff club scene over one long weekend. In the New York Times, Elvis Mitchell called this winner of a British Independent Film Award for Best Achievement in Production and the Best Director award at the Thessaloniki Film Festival a "blissfully hedonistic film" with "something singular: wastrel verve. It revels in its foolishness, and in its likable characters." It's "about that stage of life when partying has more allure than whatever minor employment one endures…. Kerrigan's directing debut cribs from so many sources that he operates as a filmmaking pickpocket. The blast of energy that informs this petty larceny is completely his own, though, and the movie seems to skateboard through his stream of consciousness. He is just throwing out whatever comes to mind, and his enthusiasm generates excitement."

The Jameson Cult Film Club is presenting Human Traffic to viewers in the UK and Ireland for free. Click here to sign up and grab a password, then enjoy your free film here!

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