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Amazing trailer. Got to watch this with Kurt Walkr, who is now legend thanks to this find, when he initially watched this. How lucky am I?
Also, I see tilt-shift lenses, canted angles and all sorts of other interesting developments.
Yeah, I see that too. Ah… great find, KW.
Typical trailer, went and spoiled the whole film for me. ;) But seriously, I have to admit this is an interesting way to market the film.
Another new trailer:
Thanks, Grand Trunk. That shorter trailer is excellent as well. “Fabrizio del Dongo” is at it again. Question of the hour: is he JLG?
KW, Re: Stendhal. Yeah, that’s what tipped me off. In the translation I have, he’s called Fabrice (as he is in the original French). Though, as he’s Italian, Fabrizio would actually be the right form (and that leads one to suspect Godard even more: he’s done the name-change thing before, see “Louis Beethoven,” which is what Beethoven was called in French during his lifetime).
Why is this solely called Godard’s film? Aren’t there 6 credited directors aside from him?
And one of those other directors is Fabrice Aragno. Could he be the mysterious Fabrizio del Dongo?
Fabrice Aragno is also the credited director of the one film Fabrizio likes: An amateur film, typical film school tricks, but definitely worth watching for the specificity of location, faces, clothes—all of one time and place—as in Godard.
User de Faux-Fu​yants, Because it’s credited that way in official listings and on the poster. And the credits that appear in Godard films should never be trusted: they are more symbolic than representative of production. In this case, Godard is credited with “logos” alongside many others, including our F. Aragno. David, I watched Autor de Claire, which I liked, but didn’t make the connection. Grand Trunk, Not sure. Aragno has his own Vimeo account; as Phelps pointed out, one of his shorts is one of the only films Fabrizio del Dongo “likes.” Kurt, Hey, our wandering minds want mysterious transmissions.
Kurt, Also, thanks for the screen captures. I like the crediting of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov as “R. Korsakov.”
Here is another short trailer:
Thanks for the head’s up Kurt, a new account, BadLieutenantD, has these up.
I’m pretty sure that’s punk goddess Patti Smith at :53…
when IS IT getting released? too excited!!

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