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Kinophile Crosswords #1

Our inaugural crossword puzzle chock-full of film-related trivia and wordplay.
Kinophile Crosswords is my attempt at a fusion of two fiery passions: crosswords and the cinema. The puzzles in this monthly series will be chock-full of film-related trivia and wordplay, and will shirk the use of abstruse and obscure language and factoids that crosswords are notorious for. That is to say, Adieu au Notorious Langage!
The key to this puzzle is the entry at 56-Across. Keep this in mind when answering the three other clues marked by asterisks. Happy solving.

Cool. Didn’t complete it because I’m rubbish at crosswords but I give it a pretty good shot. Only clue I can say I don’t like is 49 across… I would have never got that in a million years. Is counting that kind of thing as a direction a common thing in crosswords?
damn, i got punk’d __

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