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Libertas 2011

The 7th Libertas Film Festival is off and running through Sunday in the beautiful old Croatian town of Dubrovnik and we're teaming up with the festival to present a selection of new Croatian short films for free, viewable around the world.  View our offerings here.

Casual sex meets casual deceit in Irena Škorić's March 9th. Petar Orešković's Get Up Miro! is indeed a wake up for its title character. In Saša Dodik's That's Life, young Josip struggles to make ends meet in Zagreb. The tagline for Ivan Ramljak and Marko Škobalj's In Utero: "Every memory is a re-creation, not a playback." In Igor Bezinović's Naked Hours, a father and son drink milk together for the last time. Barbara Vekarić's Nina, Please (image above) depicts a marital crisis following the birth of a couple's daughter.

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