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Under the auspices of David Lynch, Interview Project is traveling around the US giving brief, Internet-friendly snapshots of people in places.  Those people being Americans, those places being in America.  It's not clear how much of the project will tap into Lynch's highly complex vision of the United States and Americana, but since INLAND EMPIRE showcased a filmmaker shocking savvy about digital media and online-style narratives, this looks to be one heck of a promising new site.
Watched this already this morning, and it’s short but sweet, and well-edited. Watching it made me realize how so many documentary filmmakers think they just point and shoot at “interesting” people and be done with it. L shots, different angles and lingering takes, carefully chosen but natural lighting – very nice.
is actually lovely little snippets- like short snapshots. really digging it. also of interest:
I think I’m really going to love this.
i am vexed to learn that David Lynch got to the idea before i did. unified field of consciousness indeed.

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