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The way the Internet is these days—and film criticism too—finding a website that does something interesting with motion pictures is a rare thing indeed.  So praise is due when ingenuity and good taste is in evidence.  Our own Ryland Walker Knight turned me onto Film Logging, run mysteriously by "RW and Clint", who do really great things with brief words and image cropping and layout.  One often forgets that the 'net opens up multimedia possibilities for film criticism, so bravo to these guys for pursuing cinema online in fascinating, incisive ways.

with so many film related websites on the net, it is sort of baffling and overwhelming to get through all of them and spend time with the vastly useful and extraenous cinephile appreciation and knowledge – ‘film logging’ is refreshingly engaging though which makes a change
Thanks for this, Daniel – the (b)log looks great, and I’m surprised that I haven’t come across a link to it before now. There appears to be a number of very complex and suggestive juxtapositions going on, but equally the authors know when to keep it simple…
Rather sharp-eyed Mannists, they are. Attuned to the graphic surfaces of Michael Mann’s compositional framing. This is always welcomed.
Oh man, Matthew, I hadn’t seen that entry on FLIGHT OF THE RED BALLOON! I love that scene, they did it great justice.
Great find—I love the entry on superimpositions/dissolves in “Pickpocket.”
beautiful and simple… much needed. Thanks

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