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Link of the Day: Chris Marker’s Gorgomancy

At Chris Marker’s relatively unknown website one can find free films to watch by the master.

We're still reeling from the death of one of cinema's (and art's) great thinkers, writers, essayists, directors, innovators, and human beings, Chris Marker. Right up until his death the man was always experimenting and pushing forward, was always eager and willing to try his hand at new forms and technologies, whether it's Photoshop, YouTube, or Second Life. One particular project of his I wanted to point you to: His strange and mysterious website GORGOMANCY, which frequently goes unmentioned, hosts a variety of Marker's work, freely viewable online. This includes the entirety of his mini-series on ancient Greece, L'héritage de la chouette (The Owl’s Legacy), as well as one of my favorite recent films, his elusive spy movie made from CCTV footage, Stop Over in Dubai.

Nice… thanks.
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Thanks for the Marker attention
I hope someone will keep the site up.
The gorgomancy link has been circulating surreptitiously for sometime among admirers, like so many other things Marker. Thanks for giving it a wider public dissemination, Mr Kasman. In that labyrinth is available a film that few have seen, Memoires Pour Simone. For those who speak French, here it is: I’d also take this opportunity to link to another of Marker’s lives (Alexandre Kha), which hasn’t had as much circulation. The name of the blog, as it must be apparent to Marker fans, is taken from an early Resnais short for which Marker wrote the commentary, a film that is sadly unavailable. There is much precious treasure here, including a mathematical thriller on Fermat’s last theorem, again, for those who know French. We, the less fortunate ones, have to get by with google translate :( Related to the the atelier15 blog and extending the suite of sketches under L’Attrapeur d’Images which was published as a book in 2009, is another flicker blog belonging to Mister Kha. Reading the comments inserted within the images is fascinating, and thankfully it is in English :) Mister Kha’s photostream has been a a sort of companion for me in the last couple of years. Every new image posted told me that Mister Kha was feeling fine. Sadly, there will be no new posts there. But, like everything Marker, one can spend a lifetime looking at and thinking about those images.
Oh, thanks so much for posting this, Danny. Cannot be reposted enough. I’m sending links to a dozen people.
whoa, Stop Over in Dubai is awesome. Also, Katwoman.
Thank you, Butterflies, for those additional and necessary links!
I have given up watching “Stop over in Dubai”. I can watch it – but I cannot pause it, fast forward, rewind, see it in “full screen” view or find out how long the entire film lasts. I hope Marker’s other works on-line have more user-friendly functionality.

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