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Link of the day: Noel Vera on "Mother of Tears"

I saw Dario Argento's latest, Giallo, in Edinburgh last week, and was somewhat underwhelmed.

But anyone who reckons that Dario has terminally "lost it" really needs to check out his previous effort, 2007's Mother of Tears (La terza madre, aka The Third Mother). And any interested party should also take the time to check out the Philippines' one and only Noel Vera's comments on the movie.  (Ben Simington also gave an appreciation of the film here on The Notebook.)

By the way—the very last shot, which Noel references, is surely a homage to the near-identical closer from Roy Ward Baker's brilliant 1967 Quatermass and the Pit...

And speaking of Britain's currently sun-baked capital (shades of The Day the Earth Caught Fire, apparently): anyone in or near London this weekend is strongly advised to get themselves along to the ICA on the Mall, where there's a Jose Mojica Marins triple bill from 5pm. You remember Sr Mojica Marins, don't you?

Didn’t Vincent Gallo get booted off “Giallo”, or walked?
I heard something like that too, also that Asia was originally in it with Gallo.
Sean Keller, one of the co-writers of the script, is a friend of mine and according to him, Gallo opted out when Asia (his ex-fiancée) was cast. Asia left for “personal matters” along with Ray Liotta (who was originally cast in Adrian Brody’s role).
Brody is also listed as Producer.
where can you get buy this DVD on the Internet please?

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