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Lost Sounds and Soundtracks. One Great and One Not So Great Music Video by Olivier Assayas

Jacno’s “Anne cherchait l’amour”, featuring Elli; directed by Olivier Assayas. The significantly less good “Rectangle” follows.

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Jacno's "Anne cherchait l'amour", featuring Elli; directed by Olivier Assayas.   The significantly less good "Rectangle" follows.  Both were recently screened at BAM's retrospective, Post-Punk Auteur: Olivier Assayas.

Thanks for posting this. Oh, it’s Jacno, not Janco. He just died last year of cancer.
One man’s “significantly less good” is apparently another man’s “also great!” Awesome stuff, thanks for posting…can’t help but add the unbelievably good coda to IRMA: Starts at minute 3
Thanks for the correction, Ari. Ben, you prefer the second one? But the synth-panopticon on a dark rainy night and dreams of dour, expressionless/bored chanteuse on the derelict riverside…what’s not to love?
Not ‘prefer’…just think is also good. My friend Emily pointed med towards Elli’s other band Stinky Toys.
Elli et Jacno (and Stinky Toys) have been getting tons of ‘spins’ lately, though they’re only virtual spins as I haven’t been able to track down any vinyl yet. Great stuff and I didn’t realize there was an Assayas connection with their videos! Super cool. I have to say, as someone who’s been a fan of French New Wave since I got into films about eight years ago, these days I’m much more drawn to 70s/80s French film and punk/post-punk music more than the nouvelle vague/ye-ye stuff I was initially bowled over by.
Also I feel like a lot of the Jacno stuff is super hip with a lot of the synthwave/minimal synth revival going on now.
The Rohmer connection to Elli et Jacno… Elli dancing (and singing) in Les nuits de la pleine lune: And the original soundtrack:

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