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Mar del Plata Film Festival 2010

On the occasion of its 25th edition, Argentina's Mar del Plata Film Festival (site) is teaming up with MUBI to present five films from its competition lineup online for free through November 21. Viewable as of today is Juan Baldana's Arrieros (Muleteers), a documentary on the life of one family living in Cajón del Maipo, up in the Chilean Andes (see the trailer above, the festival's interview with Baldana and his blog).

On Tuesday, Lucas Blanco's Buenos Aires-set comedy Amor en transito (Transit Love) will be available to viewers in Argentina, while Tamae Garateguy's Pompeya, a playful, gangster-ridden take on the movie-within-the-movie, goes worldwide.

Then on Thursday it's Nicolás Carreras's El camino del vino (The Ways of Wine), about a sommelier who loses his pallet, followed on Friday by Fernando Spiner's Aballay, based on a story by Antonio Di Benedetto set in 19th century Argentina: the western goes gaucho.

Update, 11/22: The awards have been announced and among the winners are Jerzy Skolimowski's Essential Killing (Best Film and, for Vincent Gallo, Best Actor), Silent Souls (Best Director for Alexei Fedorchenko and Best Screenplay for Denis Osokin) and Mirela Oprisor and Maria Popistasu, sharing the Best Actress award for their performances in Radu Muntean's Tuesday, After Christmas.

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