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Mooning over Marins, or, "Rock me, Joe!"

2009 has - as we know - only just started, but I for one will be pleasantly surprised if the year yields a more informative, entertaining, skilfully-written piece on cinema than Christoph Huber's interview/profile piece on Brazil's inimitable José Mojica Marins, for CinemaScope. Bravo! or rather, Parabéns!
Parabéns, indeed. Marins is a genius (Brazil’s only great living director, in my opinion, now that Glauber Rocha and Walter Hugo Khouri are gone), and it’s astonishing how far he goes in movie after movie.
A very good introduction to Mojica, indeed. Well, Fernando, Andrea Tonacci is still alive and well.
Well, Fernando and Felipe, Coutinho is still alive and well as well… ;-)
long life to tonacci!

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