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Movie Poster of the Week: “Harvey”

Especially for Easter, a series of international posters for Jimmy Stewart’s invisible friend.

Above: French grande for Harvey (Henry Koster, USA, 1950) by Roger Cartier.

Movie Poster of the Week is on semi-hiatus for the Easter holiday, so in the spirit of the season I thought I’d simply offer up Roger Cartier’s beautiful vernal French poster for everybody’s favorite invisible rabbit. Of course, that didn’t stop me searching out every other international poster for the film. (I especially love the much more sinister Donnie Darko-esque German design.)

Above: the German poster.

Above: the Swedish design.

Above: an alternative French poster.

Above: the U.S. one sheet.

Above: the U.S. three sheet.

Above: the U.S. half-sheet.

Above: U.S. Savings Bond tie-in poster.

Above: U.S. press book. 

Posters courtesy of Doctor Macro and Heritage Auctions.

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