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Movie Poster of the Week: "Moon"

What is it with circles? Three of the best new movie posters of 2009—The Girlfriend Experience, The Limits of Control and now Moon—are awash with them. For Moon it makes perfect graphic sense. Directed by Duncan Jones (the artist formerly known as Zowie Bowie), Moon, which opens today, sounds like a cross between Silent Running and 2001: a film about intense solitude in space. The poster was designed by, or adapted from a design by, Britain’s All City Media, whose alternative designs are all equally strong (I especially like the title treatment and credit block on the earlier version of their concentric circle design below). And their final poster, I suspect, pays homage to the superb Polish one-sheet for the grandaddy of space discombobulation flicks: Solaris.


All circles have one thing in common – a center. Whenever you place something at the center of a geometric design it will automatically propel that image to the forefront.
great designs. i am very much looking forward to this movie.
When I first saw the poster for “Moon” I was thinking more along the lines of Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” posters. After watching the trailer for Moon it really seems to fit with the whole dizzying / psychological thriller aspect of a long term isolation story and things spinning out of control as you get claustrophobic and start second guessing yourself, your ability to think rationally, and possibly start hallucinating … Great trailer – can’t wait to see it!
C. Langford and A. Hoopla make an excellent points regarding the strength of the circle as a graphic element. I’d like to think it also has a symbolic resonance. Soderbergh’s interpretation of “Solaris” also made beautiful use of the circle, perhaps to represent self, extra-self, the world and universe, and the “eternal return.” “Moon” is clearly a film that deals with the individual in isolation. Can’t wait to see it! If folks haven’t seen it yet, do check out the New York Times’ feature on the film. In case anyone doesn’t know, the director is the son of David Bowie.
A circle signifies infinity…it begun at a certain point and ends on that particular point of beginning and it could repeat itself continuously…circle always attract attention.
The poster is great. I am going to see the film on thursday. I am looking foward to see it.
I had to check if the moiré effect was part of the print, or just honest to goodness moiré. Bravely designed.
I don’t think the moire effect (if you mean the optical distortion emanating from Sam Rockwell) occurs on the printed poster, does it? I actually haven’t seen it in the flesh.

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