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Movie Poster of the Week: Peter Falk and "...All the Marbles"

all the marbles poster

“I can’t see you, but I know you’re there.” For me, the great Peter Falk, who passed away a week ago at the age of 83, earned his angel wings for three pictures: Wings of Desire, A Woman Under the Influence, and this terrific gritty sports comedy/road movie by Robert Aldrich. Made in 1981 (it was Aldrich’s final film) and released abroad as The California Dolls, …All the Marbles stars Falk as the go-for-broke manager of a pair of female tag-team wrestlers. As cheesy as the poster looks at first glance it has a zingy energy (with all that type on the diagonal) that is actually quite unlike the downbeat feel of much of the film. 

Unfortunately there are not many other great Falk posters: most of  his later ones are pretty awful. I already wrote about one of the best posters for Husbands (and my ambivalence about that film) a while ago. Most of the posters for Wings of Desire naturally feature Bruno Ganz and Solveig Dommartin, but the Italian poster (Il Cielo Sopra Berlino), perhaps due to Falk’s TV celebrity in Italy, features Falk as the film’s star. And then there’s the French poster for A Woman Under the Influence which actually identifies (and misspells) Falk as “Colombo.”

All the Marbles is available from the Warner Archives and is highly recommended. You can watch the trailer here

Wings of Desire posterWoman Under the Influence poster
She’s a “Boogie Nights”-Julieanne Moore doppelganger!
Nice rebroadcast of a Falk interview from the mid 1990s here:….
I finally got around to watching “…All The Marbles” (also known as “California Dolls”). It had been on my to-see list since childhood, seriously. I’m a huge fan of the old school wrestling. The funny thing is that I think the above three Peter Falk films are the only three Falk flicks I’ve seen thus far! Weird how that works! People shouldn’t be turned off from watching “Marbles” just because it’s about wrestling. “Marbles” shows the gritty, crooked side of wrestling without getting so depressing as “The Wrestler”. Trust me, “…All The Marbles” shall surprise you. Even I was surprised at how well choreographed the match scenes were…Burt Young is in this one, too!

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