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Movie Poster of the Week: "The Art of the Steal"

This sneaky poster for The Art of the Steal is another powerhouse design from Neil Kellerhouse, the genius behind three of last year's best one-sheets (for The Girlfriend Experience, The House of the Devil and The Informant), as well as several splendid Criterion boxes. Don Argott’s documentary about the nefarious dealings surrounding Pennsylvania’s Barnes Collection of Post-Impressionist and Modern art played the New York Film Festival last fall and opens in theaters next Friday. Kellerhouse has designed another teaser poster for the film which I'm less crazy about, but a couple of commenters on the IMP Awards website noticed the similarity of the Art of the Steal poster to the two designs below. The teaser for The Spirit especially is uncannily similar, but given the circumstances, theft of artwork seems perfectly fitting.

More of Kellerhouse’s work can be seen here.

A very well done documentary, although it somewhat lacked in the talking about the feeling that one receives from the art while it is in the Barnes Foundation’s building.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with designer Erik Buckham, who designed this poster. If you haven’t seen his personal work, check it out: It’s hard not to be inspired by his talent and am glad he’s in the fight for pushing better work in this industry. *Akikomatic
the designer is neil kellerhouse not erik buckham.
It looks similar to the Spirit because they’re both using the figure from those neighborhood watch signs. The Spirit didn’t invent that. Ill-informed people just trying to find something wrong with everything.

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