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MUBI Co-Presenting David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me” in New York

We’ll be co-presenting a 35mm print of David Lynch’s maligned masterpiece for two nights in New York City!

We're very excited to announce that MUBI will be co-presenting a 35mm screening of David Lynch's much-maligned 1992 masterpiece Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me in New York on February 24 and 25 at 92YTribeca. I—that is, Daniel Kasman—will be presenting the film with my friend Keith Uhlich, critic of Time Out New York and editor of The House Next Door.

Fun fact: 2012 marks the 20th anniversary of the film's release.

Morbid fact: February 24 marks the anniversary of the death of Laura Palmer, who is magically called back to life by David Lynch for this feature three years after her dead body was found in the town of Twin Peaks.

Shocking potential fact: We've been trying to figure out the last time Fire Walk with Me played in New York on 35mm and come up with nothing. This means, potentially, this is the first 35mm screening of the film since its theatrical run, twenty years ago. Or at least the first film screening in many a dark moon. If anyone knows specifically, please let me know!

Why are we announcing this so early?: So you have ample time, between now and the screening, to watch the two seasons of Twin Peaks.

My contention: This is absolutely David Lynch's best film.

Don't believe me? Come see it for yourself. We'll discuss afterwards, if we're not all too traumatized! Tickets are selling fast—Friday's first show is already sold out–so get yours as soon as you can.

UPDATE: Saturday show sold out too! Additional showing added at 11pm Friday.

Wish I could come!
Wish I could come too, and I’d love to believe you that it is his best film. I’ve never seen it. But it has some serious competition so if it is at least as good, I’ve been missing out!
I’ve always loved this film. On strange days when I feel like I’ve consumed too much coffee, it’s my favorite horror film ever!
One of my own favorite Lynch pics too. Still terribly underrated. I wish you guys would record the post screening discussion.
Thanks guys, wish you could be there too!
Wait … What? Best film? They swapped out Lara Flynn Boyle. Multiple continuity issues. Most of the original cast was reluctant to appear in the dang thing. Gratuitous nudity. Based on a TV show. It’s not what you wanted. You didn’t want the prequel. You wanted the movie that comes after the TV show. Unfortunately, Mr. Showgirls didn’t want to be typecast. Nice that his career has worked out so well with the “Sex and the City” and “Desperate Housewives” garbage. Good choice. I am biologically incapable of being courteous.
Great! I’ll be there.

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