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MUBI Is Coming to the PS3

The MUBI team was very, very busy in Cannes. Right at the start, we actually became the MUBI team. Then, throughout the festival, we conducted the Cannes à la Flip contest. But even before naming the winners, we teamed up with Sony to make a major, major announcement. MUBI is coming to the PlayStation3. Millions of PS3 users with a PlayStation Network account will be able to download the free MUBI application from the PlayStation Store and start watching the best of foreign, independent and classic cinema — and it'll look fantastic, as the films have been custom-encoded for an optimal "PS3 Big Screen" experience.

The rollout will be slightly staggered, which is to say that different territories will see the launch on different dates. For info on when the service will be available to you, for details on what the experience will be like and how to make the most of it and for a pretty spiffy video, too, see our own Studio Blog and the PlayStation3 site.

Any chance of getting this service on Boxee?
Cool. Very cool. But I didn’t see a launch date. Will it be before the PS4 comes out?
On the second screenshot, the second column on the right. Anyone know the screen captures underneath the captures for Dr. Strangelove and No Country? I can identify all of them except those two. It is going to haunt me till no end!
“Region specific” in the sense that different sets of films will be available in different territories? Then, yes. And that’s the state of things with this and all services of the kind right now, too, of course. profoblivion, check the PlayStation3 link for info on various launch dates in various countries. Dates should be firming up relatively soon. RaySquirrel, I’d love to help with those captures, but they’ve got me stumped, too. Anyone?
I can now see about 150 films in Mubi and only part of them is really interesting comparing to over a 1000 in USA. If the correlation is the same in Ps3, I can hardly be especially excited. Hope the start is at least much better.
I apologize for my vague question. A better question: is the MUBI application itself going to be available in multiple regions? Thanks David.
When will this be available in the US?
It’s October already, where is my Mubi for PS3? :) Is there a day set when it’s going to be available in Finland?

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