MUBI Podcast: “Donnie Darko”—Richard Kelly Makes the Ultimate ’80s Mixtape

Our season "Needle on the Record" continues with a look at "Donnie Darko" and the song it sent to the top of the pops.
MUBI Podcast
In 2001, writer/director Richard Kelly's genre-busting rookie feature Donnie Darko crashed and burned at the box office. But it almost immediately rose from the ashes to become one of the first cult hits of the 21st century...and it took the music of ’80s band Tears for Fears along for the ride.
Host Rico Gagliano tells this twisty tale with the help of Kelly, star Jena Malone (The Hunger Games), and the film’s composer Michael Andrews—whose stripped-down cover of Tears’s "Mad World" became maybe the most unlikely smash hit in UK history.
The third season of the MUBI Podcast, titled “Needle on the Record,” dives into the unifying power of movie music and tells the stories behind some of cinema’s most renowned “needle drops”—moments where filmmakers deployed pre-existing music instead of an original score. Each episode explores an iconic marriage of song and image that’s become part of pop culture. It’s a six-part mixtape for film lovers.
Listen to episode 2 below or wherever you get your podcasts:  
To celebrate our new season of the podcast, we’re partnering with the American Cinematheque to present a double feature of Donnie Darko and The Evil Dead on Sunday, April 9, at Santa Monica’s Aero Theatre. Rico Gagliano and Richard Kelly will attend for an in-person discussion. For more details, check out the American Cinematheque’s website here. 


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