MUBI Podcast: Episode 2 - India's 25-year (and counting) marriage to "DDLJ"

The MUBI Podcast returns with a deep dive into a modern Bollywood classic.
The longest-running film in Bollywood history, 1995's Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (aka DDLJ) caught the imagination of a country in transition and practically created a new Bollywood subgenre. In episode 2 of the MUBI Podcast, host Rico Gagliano gets the inside story of its creation and legacy from DDLJ co-star Anupam Kher, costume designer Manish Malhotra, and critic Anupama Chopra—who literally wrote the book on this classic rom-com.
The first season of the MUBI Podcast, titled “Lost in Translation,” spotlights movies that were massive cultural phenomena in their home countries, but nowhere else. We explore why these films fascinated so many people in one place, at one time. With episodes spanning nearly every continent, tune in weekly to discover unique film stories from around the globe.
Listen to episode 2 below or wherever you get your podcasts: 
Each episode, we publish a complementary piece in a new series called “MUBI Podcast Expanded.” This week, Anupama Chopra shares an excerpt from her comprehensive book on this landmark Bollywood film DDLJ: A Modern Classic. Read the article here.


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