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MUBI Podcast: Episode 5 - From Mexico with Love: The Soviet Union Embraces “Yesenia”

The MUBI Podcast returns with a look at a failed Mexican melodrama that bizarrely became an unmatched box office hit in the USSR.
The biggest box office hit in the history of the Soviet Union was an early 1970s Mexican romance so obscure in its home country that even many experts on the era haven’t heard of it.  Host Rico Gagliano talks with several who have, including esteemed cinema historian Ian Christie, Concordia University’s Masha Salazkina, and actress Emoé de la Parra, the daughter of the hugely successful author Yolanda Vargas Dulché behind the comic book and telenovela on which the film was based.
The first season of the MUBI Podcast, titled “Lost in Translation,” spotlights movies that were massive cultural phenomena in one country, but nowhere else. We explore why these films fascinated so many people in one place, at one time. With episodes spanning nearly every continent, tune in weekly to discover unique film stories from around the globe.
Listen to episode 5 below or wherever you get your podcasts: 
Each episode, we publish a complementary piece in a new series called “MUBI Podcast Expanded.” This week, film professor and historian Masha Salazkina adds to her commentary featured in this episode, discussing her love for international films growing up in the Soviet Union in the late 70s and early 80s. Read the article here.


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