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MUBI Poster of the Month: Paul Sahre x "Just Don't Think I'll Scream"

Artist Paul Sahr has created a unique movie poster for Frank Beauvais's film "Just Don't Think I'll Scream."
Each month, we're commissioning a different artist to create a movie poster for a film exclusively playing on the platform. This June, Paul Sahre has made a poster for Frank Beauvais's Just Don't Think I'll Scream, which is exclusively showing on MUBI in most countries June 25 - July 25, 2020 in the series Undiscovered.
Just Don't Think I'll Scream Poster
The poster was made along with Shiquin Chen. The two started by creating collages of video stills from the film.
Paul like the idea of having the typology feel like it was emitting light in some way. This was done by printing the type on negative film and then photographing it on a scanner.
Various studies:


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