MUBI x Lucy Raven

The new ident for MUBI's theatrical releases has been designed by the celebrated artist Lucy Raven.
MUBI's first ident for our theatrical releases was designed by Nicolas Winding Refn a year ago, and with an upcoming slate of releases in the United Kingdom—including Luca Guadagnino's Suspiria, Jean-Luc Godard's The Image Book, and Golden Bear winner Touch Me Not—we've commissioned a new version.
The new ident has been designed by celebrated artist Lucy Raven, with whom we partnered for her first solo show in the U.K., at the Serpentine Gallery. It plays with the test patterns and aspect ratios that are used to calibrate images to show in their intended form, and is scored by a theater test tone of a piano chord. The new ident will first appear on the big screen at the BFI London Film Festival, which will present Suspiria, The Image Book, Touch Me Not, and Border.


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