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Nick Nolte @ 70

At Cargo, Simon Rothöhler marks Nick Nolte's 70th with the scene above: "Two men between two turbines, two actors in an unevenly matched overacting duell; a theatrical moment interrupts a (very fine) blockbuster and peaks with rage on the stage." I might have gone with this one from Affliction, in which his performance as a far from ideal father is a tad more nuanced. Or the toothache scene. Then there are the showdowns: with De Niro in Cape Fear or, more briefly, with Treat Williams in Mulholland Falls. For kicks, there's the trailer for No Exit, the doc in which Nolte interviews himself.

"To celebrate his big day, WENN has dug up 10 weird and wonderful facts about the star that may have passed you by." Most had passed me by. None are all that weird or wonderful, frankly, though I am mildly surprised to learn that People once named him their "Sexiest Man Alive." In 1992, no less, so he must have been 51 at the time. Simon: "One wishes him a comeback on the grand scale of Jeff Bridges's, but then, Nolte is not that kind of guy: to allow himself to be celebrated as that kind of guy."

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I can remember him from “Rich Man, Poor Man.” He has certainly had his highs and lows since then. I liked him in Cannery Row, The Deep, North Dallas Forty, Down and Out in Beverly Hills to name a few, but couldn’t stand him in The Prince of Tides, Jefferson in Paris, and Peaceful Warrior. But, I will say that he is still able to command your attention.
I met Nolte a few years ago at the Sarajevo Film Festival. He and his 20-year-old son were stoned most of the time. Some of the VIPs and a few hacks like me, were flown for a day to Dubrovnick, where he disappeared during a guided tour of the town. We found him sleeping happily at a table in a cafe. But he was charming. At the cocktail party at the residence of the US ambassador to Bosnia, the guests of honour were Nolte and Abel Ferrara. Unfortunately, both had also enjoyed the liberal liquid hospitality of the party and the festival throughout their stay. Nolte, who had mumbled his way through a press conference making Marlon Brando at his most Methodical sound like John Gielgud, said something about Sarajevo being a great inspiration. Ferrara took over the mike and produced a stream of words of which ‘mother-fucker’ was the most audible, sometimes coming into conjunction with the word ‘Bush’. The ambassador bore it with great fortitude. A memorable moment.
I should have added, happy birthday Nick. I await further powerful performances.

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