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That trailer looks amazing. Get me some pop corn and I’m ready to go.
Me too.
A brilliant, beautiful film. I really don’t understand those who were calling it a disappointment post-Cannes last year. It’s just as good as Werckmeister, if not quite as ambitious.
Bela Tarr maintaining his unparalleled form yet again. With Fred Keleman’s cinematographic virtuosity whispering ominously in every frame, this film looms large, and casts a long, cold, dark shadow over everything else I’ve seen lately. Mihály Vig’s score is awesome, too.
wonderful wonderful film, still not as good as damnation but still incredible.
I love Simenon’s romans durs. These are not the stories featuring Inspector Maigret (though these are quite good), but his hard novels, bitter and very very black. From the trailer it seems Tarr savored every noir moment, and Fred Keleman’s cinematography looks to be astonishing. Daniel Kasman is looking to acquire some of Keleman’s films for viewing at The Auteurs, isn’t that right Daniel? ; -)
I met Keleman in Berlin this year, actually. I have a friend who’s looking to acquire his films, that much can be said.
very good trailer. may even get me back after the drudgery that was saltatango (sorry, hated it)

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