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Through art, we fight for eternity; but there’s no point because we’re mortal.

—Philippe Garrel


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  • Adam Cook

  • Sena Onar

    The link you did put is interesting but this quote does not make any sense to me.It’s Mubi on Monday directed by Efe Cakarel i guess.

  • Daniel Kasman

    It makes sense to me, in light of Garrel’s cinema. Also: very exciting about his new film.

  • Sena Onar

    I am only speaking for myself…I never saw a film from Philippe Garrel but this ‘’there is no point’’ term that i took as a general view of things disturbed me.

  • Daniel Kasman

    I wouldn’t say the words don’t make sense, but I quite agree with you, Sena, it sounds very disturbing (and perhaps related to his movies, even if you haven’t seen them!). I highly recommend Garrel; we have several of his films available to watch on the site, depending where you are viewing from.

  • Kurt Walker

    Is there any news on his new feature? All I’ve heard is that it stars daddy, son, and Monica Belluci and is called “I’ve Kept the Angels”.

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