R.I.P. Chris Marker, Paris, August 2012.

Graffiti sightings in Paris, August 2012.

Photos by Adam Cook

Having only explored a small portion of Paris, one has to assume there are more of these messages around the city. With no discernible author behind them, it feels as if the city herself is in mourning.

New image added, August 19th:

Photo by Charles Gillibert

New images added, August 21st:

Photo by Sellouma

 Photo by Charles Gillibert


I encourage others to seek out more of these in Paris and to photograph them while we can. Send them in and we'll add them to this post.


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  • Bleu Poster

    Must be the cats.

  • Bobby Wise

    Unbelievable. Only in Paris will auteurs get their names tagged on walls. Can there be any question that this is truly the cinephile capital of the world?

  • Spiritchaser

    Well, I wonder what would happen if Godard dies?

  • Danny Dreams

    The same person wrote that graffiti. That is often how it works with graffiti tags, the same person goes around repeating their tag. It is most likely the same with this. I wager Adam is the author.

  • Adam Cook

    My money is on Agnès Varda.

  • Bobby Wise

    The same person didn’t write that graffiti. First of all, the spelling of the name “Chris” is not consistent. Then look at the way the number “1” is written. Maybe we’re only dealing with two people, but I suspect it’s more than one person.

  • Polyglot


  • Duncan Gray

    Thank you for these, Adam!

  • B

    graffiti penmanship is different with spray can and marker. looks like the same person to me.

  • Javier Bonilla

    thanks for sharing!

  • Nicolas Leblanc

    Found a photo of the Centre Pompidou graffiti (the only one of these I had seen before) on Twitter: https://twitter.com/charlegillibert/status/234995210441080833

  • Adam Cook

    Thank you, Nicolas! I’ll try and get permission to put it up here.

  • Adam Cross

    1st 3rd and 4th are most obviously by the same person, 2nd one not so much – but it has been sprayed on corrugated metal so there are bound to be discrepancies – no accounting for the spelling error though, maybe a lapse in concentration (it happens!) the 9’s are identical in the first 3 yet different in the 4th, the letter ‘C’ seems to join identically to the next letter in each (even the spelling error tag). The letter ’R’s always seem to be at an angle – there are plenty of reasons to point to a single “artist”

    or! all Parisians have a similar style – unlikely but still a theory :P

  • lowjack


  • Bobby Wise

    Sure. The more of these we see, the less reasonable it is that scores of people are tagging Marker’s name. The first three looked like an interesting phenomenon.

  • Danny Dreams

    It is a nice thought to think that Paris is in mourning, but it looks to be the same person. Scores of people certainly are not spraying the streets of Paris. It is but one dedicated fan, alerting inhabitants of Paris of Chris Markers demise, may he RIP.

  • chiarastami

    Yes Adam, it has to be Agnès Varda. I’m just gonna think it was her, in the middle of the night.

  • keldon

    wow! this is really beautiful

  • Chasing Butterflies

    Much thanks for this, Adam!

    Here’s another: http://www.pierrejoris.com/blog/?p=8819

  • Adam Cook

    Trying to contact Pierre for permission…

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