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Rotterdam 2016. Top Picks & Coverage Roundup

Our favorite films from the festival and an index of our coverage for the 45th International Film Festival Rotterdam.
Below you will find our favorite films of the 45th International Film Festival Rotterdam, as well as an index of our coverage.

I. Lejos de los árboles, Le Moulin, Female Student Guerilla, Noche de vino tinto
II. Juke: Passages from Films of Spencer Williams, Warsaw Bridge, Mother
III. Night and Fog in the Zona
IV. Where the Chocolate Mountains, Elli
V. Operation Avalanche, Sixty Six, Fata Morgana, Cada vez que..., Oleg y las raras artes, Acteon
First Steps: Ear, Nose and Throat (Kevin Jerome Everson), Lejos de los árboles (Jacinto Esteva Grewe)
Acting Out: General Report II: The New Abduction of Europe (Pere Portabella), Esquizo (Ricardo Bofill), Actor Martinez (Mike Ott, Nathan Silver)
Japan's Cinematic Revolutionary: Sex Game (Masao Adachi), Female Student Guerilla (Masao Adachi), Artist of Fasting (Masao Adachi)
The Streets, the Mountains, the Snow, and the Ocean: Noche de vino tinto (José María Nunes), Where the Chocolate Mountains (Pat O'Neill), Cinéma concret (Makino Takashi), Elli (Esther Urlus)
In Praise of Wang Bing and Spencer Williams: Night and Fog in the Zona (Jung Sungil), Juke: Passages from the Films of Spencer Williams (Thom Andersen)
Portraits: Mother (Vlado Škafar), Oleg y las raras artes (Andrés Duque), Le Moulin (Huang Ya-li) 

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