Rushes: Palmes d'Or, Cannes Trailers, Detective Orson Welles

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  • This year's Cannes Film Festival has concluded, and Hirokazu Kore-eda took home the Palme d'Or for Shoplifters, while Jean-Luc Godard won a Special Palme d'Or for The Image Book—the latter of which MUBI has picked up for distribution in the UK. You can find the rest of the awards here, and our extensive coverage of the festival, including reviews and interviews, here.
  • A most remarkable website and organization has launched: Fondation Chantal Akerman, which among many other admirable efforts offers guidance on screening, exhibiting, and supporting the artistic project of one of cinema's greatest filmmakers.
  • The Criterion Collection has announced its next releases, including Terrence Malick's 2011 masterpiece, The Tree of Life, which offers a new "extended" cut of the film. Variety has further details on the release.
  • One of our favorite contemporary genre filmmakers, Paul W.S. Anderson, has announced the production of his next film (and possible franchise): an adaptation, starring Milla Jovovich, of the wonderful video game series Monster Hunter.
  • Furthermore, according to Variety, it looks like Abel Ferrara's long-gestating project Siberia is on again, with new backing from Vivo Film. We previously discussed the project with Ferrara in a video interview.
  • The always erudite Francis Ford Coppola is joined by Paul Thomas Anderson, Catherine Hardwicke, and David O. Russell in this extensive round table on contemporary studio filmmaking and beyond:
  • Le CiNéMa Club is offering the (free!) online premiere of the 2016 short Heaven Is Still Far Away by one of our favorite working filmmakers, Ryusuke Hamaguchi. Read our review of Hamaguchi's Cannes-selected Asako I & II here.
  • With a new feature nearly every year, the undefinable French auteur Bruno Dumont is on a roll. Here's the goofy first trailer for his latest: a continuation of his 2014 mini-series Li'l Quinquin: 
  • For The New Yorker, Alice Gregory has penned a rare look into the genesis and realization of a project we're tremendously excited for: Claire Denis's science fiction film High Life.
  • In the event of the one year anniversary of Twin Peaks: The Return's broadcast, Willow Catelyn has written an intensely personal piece on what Twin Peaks, its actress Sheryl Lee, and her character Laura Palmer, all mean to her. Essential.
  • Over at J. Rosenfield's Medium, the writer has published a wonderful piece regarding the tender vision of masculinity in Michael Mann's films.
  • In the event of the upcoming Jane Fonda in the 70's series at Metrograph, the critic and curator Hilton Als has penned his own letter to Jane Fonda for Metrograph's website.
  • David Vanden Bossche follows the genesis of the Steadicam through to Brian De Palma's use of the invention, in an epic piece of investigative film criticism for cinea.
  • Did you know that there is an MSX video game starring Orson Welles as a detective? Because we sure didn't. Thank you @CoolBoxArt.
  • A truly touching moment in the Tehran airport for Jafar Panahi and his team.


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