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The Auteurs is now MUBI

If you're reading this, you'll have noticed already. Look up at your address bar. See? - MUBI. It's our new name. Start clicking around and you'll notice, too, that nothing you loved — hell, even nothing you didn't love — about The Auteurs has been lost. Same hand-selected collection of films, same friends, all the ongoing discussions, the articles, reviews, news roundups — any of the old URLs will redirect you without a hitch.

It's a shocker, yes, but as we, the MUBI team, can attest, "It's a grower," too. Read more here. Before you update your bookmarks, though, you might feel the need to take a moment to mourn the old handle. Just a moment, though. There's a big film festival on, so let's get on with it. With MUBI.

Why MUBI, you may be wondering. Anne Thompson has the full story behind the name, a contest going on in Cannes, great news about Agnès Varda's work on view right here — and as she notes, there'll be more news to break soon, too. CEO Efe Cakarel has more on all this right here.

So what exactly was wrong with the original name? Sigh. Now you sound like any other website.
I don’t like the new name. The Auteurs was sweet.
What’s not to like? It’s “movie” crossed with “boobie” and we all like both of those things, right? :)
The problem with “auteur” is that the majority of filmmakers on this site cannot be considered auteurs in the traditonal sense of the term in film theory. Though the “cool factor” is gone from the name, I’m glad they changed the name to something else. Otherwise, it’s false advertising.
The world I growed up in is gone…
Why not Muvie or Muvi or Mu or M? Maybe Mohvie or Muhuvie or….
Why? I don’t get it, theauteurs is what attracted me to this site in the first place, I would never go to a site called MUBI, it sounds like another youtube/vimeo user generated video site.
Okay, so what happened to the AuteursDaily Twitter page? If you go there now you are told it does not exist. I assume it was moved due to the name change but I can’t find it. Any help?
Speaking for myself, I’m glad most of you are using this entry as a place to vent. Go ahead. It’s good for you. Once you get it out of your system, though, think back to nearly every redesign, relauch or revamp of just about any entity ever in the history of these here internets. For the first few days, maybe even for the first several days, the reaction is all but unanimous, that is, negative. Then, after a while, the topic fades. Everyone gradually finds something else to talk about, and before long, the old design, the old site, what have you is pretty much forgotten (thank heavens for the Way Back Machine!) and we’re all focusing again on what really matters, what brought us here in the first place. Here, of course, it’s the films, the conversations, the people. And again, speaking for myself, these things, the things that count, just get better and better as we grow over time.
Nathaniel, if you were following theauteursdaily on Twitter, you'll now automatically be following The Daily Notebook (thedailyMUBI). If you’re reading the page or following the RSS feed, the new URLs are: feed://
It makes me feel uncomfortable that it’s not even an acronym. Now it’s just a weird word.
ah okay, now i get it
And I still don’t know how to pronounce it. Heh. Is it Moo-bi or Mew-bi or MUBBY? (Some of us have very one-track minds.)
…and lest this should be all complaints, let me state with heartfelt thanks that all the links to the mourned-for Auteurs have remained intact. Nothing pisses me off more than having to correct broken links. I lost a whole lot of respect for Senses of Cinema when they made their switchover.
“Speaking for myself, I’m glad most of you are using this entry as a place to vent. Go ahead. It’s good for you.” This is the most condescending xxx i’ve read in ages.
I understand the need for change and all that, and hey, maybe Luke Haines wanted his band name back, but on first login I couldn’t help thinking that theauteurs had been abducted and replaced by an exact replica of itself, only run by aliens.
Truly and honestly, I didn’t mean that in any condescending sense whatsoever, José. Sorry.
iPod, Flickr, Tumblr, Blog, Twitter, Mubi. Its hip now!
Also: Patrick Wilson — calm the eff down mate. Since when do you put money into this site enough to warrant any explanations behind a small name change?
Ummm what? David, I respect you beyond words so I would hope no one is targeting you with disrespect for this odd name change since it was not your doing. I can honestly say I do not like the new site name a bit. It’s like four backward steps. Can you imagine if Smirnoff changed their name to ‘Dwink’? I mean, I see no reason a good marketing campaign couldn’t make Auteurs a household name. It is also odd that the people who run your site chose ad agencies to find the right new name. Why not actually ask your readers to help come up with a new name? Anyway, the content on the site still rocks and ultimately that is what matters. Keep on keepin’ on.
As someone who already visits this site regularly, I don’t really care either way. But this seems like a bad move from a “Don Draper” point-of-view. The new name isn’t catchy enough to grab mainstream movie fans…nor is it clear to fans of auteur-driven cinema what your site has to offer. In fact, the overly jokey, commericial-sounding name would turn me off — “Oh, just another Cinematical or slashfilm…” I’m guessing the money-men at the top pushed for this pointless (at best) change…
This can’t be happening! Are you crazy? How could you destroy my life with this horrible name change? Not since “Coke” changed to “Blow” and “Coca Cola” immediately stole the name “Coke”, have I been so confused! Like, is this Coke stuff still going to mess me up or not? Is a MUBI something like the internet 2.0 lingo version of “auteur”? Does it stand for something, like ROFLCOPTER does? Moving Unpirated Broadband Images.
OK I’m over it – I just saw a new LOLCAT.
Hey Lurleen, let’s us go to the enternets and watch us some Mubis!
^ Wise words from David Hudson. (at 06:52 PM) It’s very strange that a name change has shattered some people’s world. What a tiny world that must be.
Michael, sorry for the delay. Pronunciation: “moobie.”
HOW COULD YOU, THIS IS THE WORST THING EVE-over it… now let’s watch some MUBIs! MUBIes? Oh and you should probably be aware that the nearest word MUBI aurally approximates is “moobs”, which is slang for man boobs. So there’s that…
i think all of you need to calm down. we’ll all forgot the name auteurs in six months.
Still, I would love to know the story behind this name change. “We need a new name…” “Okay. What do internet geeks like?” “Movies. Boobs.” lightbulb “I’ve got it!”
I’d really like to hear what the writers have to say about all this.
If the new name’s ‘user-friendly’ in Tokyo now, will they actually let us watch some Japanese films here in Japan?
It had to happen eventually, I been around the site since I can’t remember and it needs to be cash flow positive, so the change of name is a painful step in the right direction. You can call it anything thing you want as long as you fulfill your purpose and commitment to cinema… and I will call you whatever you say the name is as long as you keep winning screening rights, cause in Mexico I can watch virtually nothing.. so keep it up and good work! looking forward to the future growth of the site! :)
Let’s all go to the MUBIs! (Or should that be MUBIz?)
I think there is a lot to do to improve this side, and the least problem if at all a problem was the name THE AUTEURS.
Terrible name, sad strategy.
I agree with all the complaints, this marketing name SUCKS !! Come on it that so difficult for movie lovers to pronounce or understand “the Auteurs” or are you looking for another audience for who you are making things easy to understand and for who movies and pop-corn are the same ? That is what Hollywood is doing and this is the opposite of the Auteurs politic… Can you imagine an Auteur asking an add agency to look for the title of is new film ?? Very very disappointed !!! Really too bad cause the site is realy great !
It just seems completely counter-intuitive for a site that promotes education and discourse on film and video (both mainstream and artistic/esoteric/underground/under-appreciated) to change its name to a MISPRONUNCIATION of the term “movie” which is something that doesn’t even apply to many of the works covered on here. Would you call a short, experimental film by Michael Snow a “movie,” let alone a MUBI?
dont like the new name… furthermore the free Cannes movies has been deleted without notice !!!! too bad ;-((
I don’t usually comment, but I have to say the name change feels like an insult to me. The Auteurs sounds like a mature conversation. MUBI sounds like an appeal to web 2.0 idiots. I guess we can look forward to notebook posts about the cinematic qualities of White Chicks and Transformers 2 and a discourse of LOL and WTF…
You should take a look in the forums, to check the current reactions. Have some respect for your users!.
Efe, keep up the great work! MUBI or The Auteurs…I love art house films, and I will continue to render my support.
The Cannes festival is still on, Anthony:
The old name felt like something old fashioned, something authentic, something that had an essence charged with emotion. An essence that reflects the feeling i get when I watch an old film, when immerse myself in great cinema and feel moved for a moment. Mubi feels cheap and modern, here today forgotten tomorrow. I suspect that the agency who developed the name was given a brief that asked it to make the site seem more “cool” and there was less in that brief about retaining the values inherent in the original name. I’m not negative about changing names, I’m just worried that this name suggests the site is going to move away from the things that attracted me to it. I suppose I’m sad because I’m worried, I don’t want to share my love of film with vitriolic teenagers who are looking for a cool place with a cool name to post about the summer blockbuster. I hope I’m wrong and the name is just a superficial change. Maybe I just need some reassurance.
Wow, I only discovered the name change when i started getting emails from MUBI this week. At first I thought it was from another multimedia site that an old phone supplier was pushing but then I recognised the page formatting. Couldn’t find anything on your about page, or any notification email or Facebook Auteur notification about the name change. Just seems a bit creepy to be honest.

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