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For UK users: Every day we’ll curate a wonderful new film and you’ll get 30 days to enjoy it, all for just £2.99 a month.

We’re excited to announce that MUBI is evolving for subscribers in the UK. Life is complicated, watching great movies shouldn’t be. That’s why we’re changing the way you discover the best cinema in the world. Every day we'll curate a wonderful new film and you'll get 30 days to enjoy it, all for just £2.99 a month. By adding a new film every day, the library will always stay fresh and exciting and fits into even the most hectic schedule. All without putting a big dent in your pocket book. Say hello to the new MUBI. Watching great cinema just got a lot simpler.

Um, that is great but where do I sign up?
If you’re coming from the UK just going to should take you there!
Thanks. I subscribed but many films are still displaying the £2.39 next to them. Is this supposed to happen? Nevertheless it is still good value, although the majority of the now free films are not known to me. Perhaps I could look to the forums for recommendations, are they able to see the UK library? Anyway I’m happy to support this great place, especially if the library expands for UK viewers.
Hey Danny: the full, original UK library of 1000+ titles will be available for 30 more days starting on the 21 of June before the offering is restricted to the 30 titles which are updated daily.
Daniel, why no library anymore?

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