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A new vision for MUBI's library: a new film curated every day for you. 30 beautiful films to watch at all times, each available for 30 days.

We have a new vision for MUBI’s curated film library which we’ve been slowly rolling out around the world. It’s been launched in Turkey, Norway, and the United Kingdom, and now it’s time for the United States!

We’re excited to announce that MUBI is evolving for subscribers in the US. Life is complicated, watching great movies shouldn’t be. That’s why we’re changing the way you discover the best cinema in the world. Every day we’ll curate a wonderful new film and you’ll get 30 days to enjoy it. 30 beautiful, hand-picked movies to watch at any time, with a new one waiting for you to enjoy every morning—all for just $4.99 a month.

MUBI's existing library will remain available for subscribers to watch through the next month on After that, you'll have 30 terrific, hand-picked films available to you, with a new title added each day.

By adding a new film every day, the selection will always stay fresh and exciting and fits into even the most hectic schedule. All without putting a big dent in your pocket book. Say hello to the new MUBI. Watching great cinema just got a lot simpler.

Sign up now for your 30-day free trial at:
Promo code: popcorn

Head over to for the current lineup, and visit our Facebook page for updates on what’s playing daily.

MUBI US badly needs to make its appearance on media streamers and consoles like Apple TV, Roku, and the Xbox 360… How is it possible that Fandor and SnagFilm are on Roku and Xbox 360 but not MUBI?
Mubi really need a App for Ipad and Android and other media streamers. I don’t understand why Mubi is only available on ps3.
So what will happen to the original library of over 800 movies after next month? Will it be gone?
Do we lose access to the curated cinematheque films as well? So sad…

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