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The Noteworthy: 6 May 2015

A poster for the new Apichatpong, Louis CK has a new feature film, Kubrick speaks, Orson Welles x 3, acting with Rohmer, Lego Wes, & more.
  • The poster for Apichatpong Weerasethakul's Cemetery of Splendour, bound for Cannes.
  • Great news for fans of Louis CK the actor and the director: the comedian-auteur is gearing up to make a new feature film, titled I'm a Cop.
  • Producer Bero Beyer has been appointed the new General and Artistic Director of the International Film Festival Rotterdam
  • Above: A vintage nitrate release print of John M. Stahl's Leave Her to Heaven. The print screened at the first ever Nitrate Picture Show at the George Eastman House last weekend. You'll hear more about this wonderful festival soon on the Notebook.
  • A new issue of Film Comment is out, with many articles available online.
  • That's Stanley Kubrick, above, talking to Jeremy Bernstein in 1965.
  • At Reverse Shot, Nick Pinkerton considers under-appreciated French New Waver Luc Moullet's A Girl Is a Gun.
  • Author F.X. Feeney has not one but two videos celebrating Orson Welles' centennial this year, and focused around his new book on the director.
  • Speaking of Orson Welles, Mr. Bongo has a trailer, above, for the release of a new restoration of what is, in our opinion, the director's best film: Chimes at Midnight.
"There is no film genre that arouses generational differences more than horror. Each generation assumes that their taste in horror is wider and better than the preceding generation's taste — and furthermore, that the taste of the subsequent generation of fans has become degenerate and decadent."
  • That's Adrian Martin in his latest column for Filmkrant, "on the path of contemporary horror cinema."
  • The New York Review of Books has published a very special kind of journal or recollection, from Nadja Tesich about her relationship and history with Eric Rohmer, who directed her in the short Nadja à Paris (1964), watchable above.
  • Critics and Notebook friends Glenn Kenny and the Self-Styled Siren have begun an exchange of letters about Alfred Hitchcock's maligned The Paradine Case. They might just have you re-think the reputation of the film.
  • If you think this Lego Mr. Fox from Fantastic Mr. Fox is cute, you should see all of Matt Chase's Wes Anderson Lego figures.
  • Takeshi Ito's incredible Spacy was part of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen's profile of the filmmaker last week, and you can find a copy of this incredible short above.
  • With Bertrand Bonello's poetic Yves Saint Laurent biopic, Saint Laurent, set for release in the US and a retrospective on the director happening at the Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York, Film Comment has a wonderful interview with the director.
  • Above: the trailer for Woody Allen's Irrational Man, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone, set to premiere at Cannes.
Above: Carole Lombard, from our Tumblr


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