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The Noteworthy: Bill Morrison at MoMA, Cinema Technique, VIFF by Bordwell & Thompson

A Bill Morrison exhibition, Michael Koresky on his new Terence Davies book, coverage from VIFF by Bordwell & Thompson, and more.

Edited by Adam Cook

  • Above: if you are fortunate enough to be in the vicinity of MoMA between now and November 21st, you may want to consider visiting their Bill Morrison exhibition.
  • David Ehrlich of The Playlist interviews Mia Hansen-Løve about her new film Eden, as well as her next project. 
  • In a web exclusive piece for Sight & Sound, Michael Pattison writes on experimental films from the London Film Festival and 25FPS in Zagreb:

"All art is by its very nature experimental. In the face of an increasingly standardised narrative cinema, one defining feature of the experimental mode might be miscellany. Festival programmes celebrating ‘experimental cinema’ subsequently accommodate everything from the impenetrably personal to the familiarly abstract.

More than most, when housed together, such works demand an omnivorously receptive sensibility: preferences are fine, but one’s sustained appreciation of this genre seemingly depends upon how long one is able to keep an open mind. 

To their credit, festivals like Zagreb’s excellent 25FPS – which this year celebrated its tenth edition – and sub-sections of more diverse events, like London Film Festival’s Experimenta strand, manage to select and arrange experimental shorts in such a way that each work is given maximum breathing space."

  • Above: gorgeous posters for Vittorio de Sica's Bicycle Thieves. 
  • Writing for Movie Morlocks, R. Emmet Sweeney takes on Nicholas Ray's The Lusty Men:

"The Lusty Men is haunted by the Great Depression. It’s about economic displacement, wandering the countryside to make a buck at podunk rodeos, and where the dream of owning a home seems forever out of reach. As with most Hollywood studio projects, The Lusty Men was built out of compromise and circumstance, starting as a Life magazine article on the rodeo by Claude Stanush, and turning into a largely improvised character study by director Nicholas Ray and star Robert Mitchum."

  • For Film Comment, David Gregory Lawson interviews actor/filmmaker Mathieu Amalric about his new feature, The Blue Room.
  • Above: via Will McCrabb, "A page from Kubrick's screenplay for A Clockwork Orange. No one formatted a script this way back then, or today." 
  • For the Los Angeles Review of Books, Jordan Cronk interviews Michael Koresky about his new book on British filmmaker Terence Davies.

AI: Artificial Intelligence (Light Change)

  • Follow Cinema Technique on Twitter & Vimeo? Every few days, a short new clip demonstrating a 'technique' is posted with a concise annotation.  
  • Now that the Vancouver International Film Festival has wrapped up, here's an index to all of David Bordwell & Kristin Thompson's coverage:

1. Of horses, avalanches, and architecture by Bordwell

2. The World comes to Vancouver by Thompson

3. Here be dragons, and tigers by Bordwell

4. Middle-Eastern fare at VIFF by Thompson 

  • Lastly, we're sad to hear that the San Francisco Bay Guardian is shutting down.

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