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The Noteworthy: Orson Welles & "Othello", "Black Sabbeth", CRAVE

“Othello” restored and re-evaluated, Benning on Benning, another (!) Abel Ferrara project, the new issue of “Cléo”, and more.

Edited by Adam Cook

  • Above: the new poster for Orson Welles' newly restored Othello, screening at the Film Forum.
  • Occasioned by the restoration, Richard Brody writes on the film for The Front Row:

"Welles’s fundamental and lifelong story is that of a big man who gets his comeuppance. He himself was a big man who, in repeatedly filming his own downfall, displayed a kind of emotional masochism, a delight in his own humiliation, that he veritably trumpets in Othello. He films the entire play as a flashback, starting the movie with his own face in closeup: Othello, dead and being borne off for burial. The shock of self-destruction is matched only by the howl of self-pity, albeit a well-earned one—for Welles himself, soon after the world-historical artistic eruption of Citizen Kane, found his own strong and stubborn temperament fiercely countered by the plotters and the potentates of his field."

  • More on Welles: Peter Bogdanovich has started a series on his blog, "The Orson Welles File", in which he shares "ratings and comments from the movie card-file " he kept over the years.

  • Above: "Black Sabbeth", in which Beth Gibbons of Portishead covers "Black Sabbath", set to footage from Mario Bava's Black Sabbath.
  • We've been proud to host some of the visual essay work by Cristina Álvarez López and Adrian Martin recently. The Wayward Cloud has interviewed them about "the different critical potentials of text and moving images, about voice-over and slow-mo, about good and bad criticism – and Brian De Palma."
  •  For Film Comment, Grady Hendrix writes on Lau Kar-leung.

  • Above: via Kurt Walker's tumblr, a video uploaded by Antoine Thirion of James Benning discussing his work.
  • David Davidson has reproduced "Robin Wood's original CineAction! review of Steven Bach's book Final Cut (which has been re-published since then) on the making of Heaven's Gate".
  • One film finally set to premiere (Welcome to New York), one film in post-production (Pasolini), and now, it seems, a film on the horizon for the increasingly productive Abel Ferrara. According to a tweet by Capricci, the director will adapt Life Guard, a new book by Welcome to NY co-writer C.L. Zois.
  • Above: Vol. 2, Issue 1: CRAVE, the latest edition of the film journal Cléo, is now online.

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