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Trailer for Nicolas Winding Refn's "Only God Forgives"

From the folks that brought you _Drive_.

We like the graphics in this one. Starring Ryan Gosling, of course, and others. Shot by Larry "Lighting Cameraman on Eyes Wide Shut" Smith, with music by the great Cliff Martinez.

Looks exactly what I expected, promising cinematography, soundtrack and stellar acting, no doubts about director who can combine several genres and cinematic styles.
Looks absolutely stunning.
Is this really such an event that it deserves its own notebook entry? Looks like business as usual for Mr. Refn.
Wow. Ryan Gosling is so tough. Even with the mediating distance of my computer screen my knees are knocking. I hope I never see him in public, because if I do I will probably be so intimidated that I will unzip his pants and polish his knob just to diffuse any tension. He makes Stallone look like Harry Dean Stanton. He makes Schwarzenegger look like Max Perlich. He makes Willis look like Bob Balaban. He makes Seagal look like Saul Rubinek. He makes Van Damme look like Toby Jones. He makes Dudikoff look like Wallace Shawn. Lee Marvin was scared of no man, but then again, he never met Ryan Gosling. And…HOLY SHIT! The “Lighting Cameraman” for Eyes Wide Shut! I mean, everyone says that Kubrick was the de facto DP on his movies, but I know, and you know as well, that Larry Smith was the true genius behind EWS. Goddamn, man, this looks like such a masculine movie. I’m hoping that just by buying a ticket that my testosterone levels will surge, because I’ve been really low lately. My wife just emailed and asked me if was looking at something related to Ryan Gosling, and I said, Yeah, how did you know, and she said, Well, I was just sitting her and all of a sudden my panties were drenched, and I said, Yeah, yeah, mine too, baby, mine too.
Mac, thanks for giving me a much needed chuckle.
haha that was great, Mac. Tell your wife we say hi.
Neil Bahadur, you are an idiot.
more stylised romanticised violence, exciting for anyone who’s never been in a fight.

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