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Venice 2011. Images from the Unwritten

Covering a festival always leaves worthy films by the wayside, so rather leave some unmentioned, here are images to inspire interest.

Covering a film festival always leaves worthy films by the wayside, undiscussed for reasons of time or inspiration or other blocked routes.  Rather than leave some of Venice 2011's highlights totally unmentioned, I thought I'd at the very least provide some images to provoke interest:

MeteorGolden BirdRiver RitesLate and DeepMeteor

Sources: Meteor (Chrisoph Giraret, Matthias Müller, Germany), Sonchidi (Golden Bird) (Amir Dutta, India), River Rites (Ben Russell, USA), Late and Deep (Devin Horan, USA), Meteor

Mr. Kasman is, of course, correct when he mourns the way in which films at festivals can get left behind. This year the best film won, so at least that wont be forgotten, although I thought it a great pity that when I saw ‘Faust’ for a second time, at Campo San Polo, the projection was so dim that the opulence of the cinematography and the luminescence of the image was almost entirely lost. The one film that got close to Sokurov’s was the wonderfully titled, ‘Miss Candace Hilligoss’ Flickering Halo’ a film a shattering, poetic and marvellously unhinged piece, lasting only 13 minutes. It played to a very small audience unfortunately, as did it forebear ‘Carnival of Souls’. What the directors, Scacchioli & Core, have realised here is to reach for that other worldly beauty of Ms. Hilligoss, that strange sculptural quality that all of us who love Herk Harvey’s masterpiece were and still are so entranced by. Alan
Thanks for the comments, Alan! When you saw the Sokurov again was it projected digitally? The first time I saw it there it was on film, thankfully. I appreciate your report on MISS CANDACE, a film I didn’t like as much as you but I like your thoughts on it very much.

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