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Video of the Day: "Fire & Rain" (James Benning), Viennale Trailer 2009

Watch and read about Fire & Rain here.  Looks to be part of Benning's first digitally shot film, Ruhr.  (Check out the latest issue of Cinema Scope for an article written by Benning on why he switched from film to digital.)

From the notes: "Following last year’s Viennale trailer by Jean-Luc Godard, which turned out to be a small miracle of montage art, Benning’s work is an equally fascinating cinematic poem about time and motion – taking an industrial work process as an example."

I’ve been dying to see some of Benning’s work, but can’t get my hands on any. This, however, is outstanding! What a beautiful image. At the same time, it’s quite a tease; this just makes me want to see his work even more.
I haven’t seen much of what Benning’s done, but I have seen a very poor tape of “Landscape Suicide” (It’s never been commercially available). The crappiness of the tape only added to Benning’s very abject description of two murders. One, a killing between school kids, and the other to do with Ed Gein. A chilling film and a great one.
i like Benning and im glad he’s moving away from nature. This reminds me of Workingman’s Death.
That shot isn’t in Ruhr but something pretty similar is.
That’s interesting to note Tim! An outtake I guess? When/where did you get to see Ruhr, how is it?

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