Video of the Day: Herzog x Lynch - "My Son, My Son What Have Ye Done" Trailer

Directed by Werner Herzog, executive producer, David Lynch. Starring Michael Shannon, Willem Dafoe, Chloë Sevigny, Brad Dourif, Grace Zabriskie, and Udo Kier.


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  • Adrian Curry

    Starts out like CSI: San Diego, ends up looking like Ordet!

  • Daniel Kasman

    That’s the best pitch for a movie I’ve ever heard, Adrian!

  • Christopher


  • House 0f Leaves

    As I said in the forum—a Herzog film with a river and a jungle in it—I’m there, but the voiceover in the trailer made me want to tear out my pancreas a little.

  • Daniel Kasman

    “Oh my god, my glasses”

  • Srikanth Srinivasan

    Psychological thriller? By Herzog? That is what they must be calling SARCASM

  • Adam Cook

    The trailer does it’s best to cover up how great this movie looks. After 3 viewings of it, I have a hunch this is going to be in masterpiece territory.

  • Daniel Kasman


  • Pino

    I hoped I had never heard this….Lynch …what are u doing…?

  • Brandon Rome

    Oh my.
    After seeing this trailer and the one for Bad Lt.: POCNO, I am starting to wonder what the heck Herzog is doing.
    This reminds me why I don’t like to watch previews.
    Bad. Marketing. Bad.

  • Jordan H
  • Giovanna Morales Vargas

    It doesn’t look interesting at all!!! Looks like one of those sophisticated and contemporary TV series, but never like a film, so weird though Herzog is an awesome filmmaker, so is David Lynch and even though he is producing this, it doesn’t show his level or probably it does but in a lower category, I won’t see this I don’t think I need.

  • Boone

    Suckas. NEVER trust a contemporary trailer. They are cut by idiotic trailer firms based on market research, executive whims and ouija readings.

    The Rescue Dawn trailer was an outrage, yet the actual film was a minor masterpiece. With these things you have to read between the lines— “lines” in this case meaning “awful editing choices.”

  • Guy Downes

    I saw this at TIFF09 and wasn’t all that impressed. Had great potential and real talented actors but never really gelled as a film. Herzog’s Q&A afterward was much better!

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