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Video of the Day. "Ice Cube Celebrates The Eames"

Ice Cube's tour of Los Angeles takes in major works by Charles and Ray Eames.

There are two other videos in this series, "Anthony Kiedis Celebrates Ed Ruscha" and "Jason Schwartzman Celebrates John Baldessari," but this is the must-see of the bunch. Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945-1980, a collaboration of more than 60 cultural institutions across Southern California, will be celebrating the birth of the Los Angeles art scene through March.

What is this? Stupid people talk about things they don’t understand day? As my friend Phil says: “All due respect to Mr. Cube, but I don’t think the Eames’ house was any more particularly LA than Detroit; it was an industrial creation, like a car, rather than a project of its place. And sure, LA is the birthplace of a kind of car-culture, but those were Detroit cars.” Take that!
I should mention that Phil is an actual architect.
“There is no reward for aesthetic virtue here, no punishment for aesthetic crime; nothing but a vast cosmic indifference, and that is the one thing the human imagination cannot stand. It withers, or else, frantic to make itself felt, goes off into feverish and idiotic excursions that have neither reason, rhyme, nor point, and that even fail in their one, purpose, which is to attract notice.

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