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Video of the day. Michel Gondry's Video for Björk's "Crystalline"

Michel Gondry's video for the new single from Björk's upcoming album, Biophilia.

Michel Gondry's video for the new single from Björk's upcoming album, Biophilia.

I do regard Björk as the most vital artist of our time, in any medium, but she never fails to disappoint in her tacky music videos. Yet all hipsters and professional critics are gushing over this anyway, so what do I know… I give credit, anyway, to anyone who admits that they giggled when Björk in blue tights shows up dancing inside the little bubble when her music goes into hyperdrive.
This is very, very good. There are a few things I would have excecuted differently, but I really like the overall aesthetic of the track/video combination. Bjork always conveys a message, idea, feeling, etc. more clearly when her songs are paired with a video. This video portrays a, sort of, fantastique scene that looks like almost clay-mation. I would have not had so much hand-drawn-looking effects here. But, I think it’s obvious that she didn’t want a sort of realistic fantasy or science fiction here. It looks very hand made and genuine and very… supernatural. While the colors are visually stunning, I feel like it has been mildly exploited or maybe a little too obvious for Bjork. I think that H. Paul Moon has taken this video from a perspective which was expecting Bjork to take this video seriously, like this is some sort of B-Movie for him. The difference between this and Queen of Outer Space is that she has a knowing wink, she is in on her own joke and I think that’s the most important thing when it comes down to things like this.
Points well taken, Matthew.
Cool video. Nice to see some good ol’ stop motion.
this is trippy..
The Tenori-On never ceases to amaze me.
That’s a pretty strong statement, H. Paul Moon, for an artist with such a huge range of varying styles in her music videos. I do agree that some can be called tacky, but I wouldn’t claim it as unintentional, and it’s usually more charming, to me, than tacky. The videos for ‘I Miss You’ and ‘Bachelorette’ are the ones I’m thinking of when I say that, or even one of my favorites, ‘Army of Me’. Really, though, Chris Cunningham’s ‘All is Full of Love’, and ‘Pagan Poetry’, ‘Hidden Place’, and ‘Cocoon’ are tacky? ’It’s Oh So Quiet’ is disappointing? That is an amazing music video! This one is a bit forgettable, it’s alright, but not nearly as interesting to me as Hyperballad’s music video, another Michel Gondry directed one. The song however is pretty damn cool, especially the little amen break part at the end, which, by the way, samples ‘Cartridge – Dark Shadows’. Cartridge released a sample pack for that song and that exact amen edit with the exact same pattern is in the pack.

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