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Video of the day. Trailer for Paul Verhoeven's "Tricked"

The trailer arrives for _Tricked_, Paul Verhoeven's strange new project.

When we heard that Paul Verhoeven was working on a mysterious film project that consisted of an 8-part script, composed of contributions from audience participants—accompanied with an alternate, "user-generated", version—we knew we were in for something different. So arrives the trailer for the stripped down Tricked, a film from an auteur who has thus far built his oeuvre with well known actors and sleek production value. For now the official website isn't available in English, so Wikipedia is your best bet for exposition on this so-called "Entertainment Experience".

What do you make of it? Leave your thoughts below, or in our forum.

A good day for vulgar auteurism
Pretty much all Verhoeven is welcome Verhoeven. Looks to be in the vain of Basic Instinct almost. Awesome.
all the related videos are Robocop.
Cannot wait to check it out since I’m a Verhoeven fan. :D
This is decidedly not what I expected from the man…
Well, she’s not pregnant. I know that much.
…Good god. And I mean that as in, “I have to see this.”
Anyways, according to this article Verhoeven has recieved full funding for his next film, titled “The Hidden Force”!
Yup. Definitely Verhoeven. Love it or hate it, it’ll be an experience…

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