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Video Sundays

Daniel Kasman

Each body is injured, each soul is thirsty,

Restless glances, sorrowful hearts,

Is this the world or the dominion of senselessness?

What is this world, even if I get it?


Burn it, smoke away this world!

Move this world away from me!

It is yours, you nurture this world!

There's no sign of life,

It's just the power to charm.

I'm lying in the rain,

But I never wave bye-bye.

But I try, I try...


NYFF Masterworks: The Films of Guru Dutt: A Heart as Big as the World will be showing Guru Dutt's Pyaasa (1957) on October 7 & 11.  Leos Carax's Mauvais sang (1986) played as part of BAM's series Rendez-vous with Juliette Binoche.


NYFF 09DuttCarax
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