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Video Sundays: Music Videos by An Older Generation

Music videos by Eric Rohmer and Michelangelo Antonioni!

Nowadays, music videos done by noted auteurs are hardly a rare thing: Wong Kar-wai, David Lynch, Claire Denis, and Philippe Grandrieux have made them, among many others.

Far rarer are filmmakers who, for some reason or another, decided to dabble in the genre not just in its infancy but in their old(-ish) age as well. Did you know both Eric Rohmer and Michelangelo Antonioni directed music videos in the 1980s? Rohmer was 66 years old when he directed Bois ton café, and Antonioni was 72 (!) when he directed the video for Gianna Nannini's Fotoromanza. Do you know any other late-age auteur music videos?

“Do you know any other late-age auteur music videos?” Well, there’s always Manoel de Oliveira’s music video for Pedro Abrunhosa’s Momento. Very nice video actually that captures the music well but also captures the aesthetic of its auteur very succinctly, as was perhaps inevitable. Abrunhosa of course was the male lead in Oliveira’s La Lettre.
Of course there’s Sam Peckinpah’s music video for Julian Lennon’s “Too Late for Goodbyes” which was his final film at the age of 59. I hate to think that the guy dancing in the doorway might have been Peckinpah’s idea.
I hope that was his idea cause otherwise that video’s not much of anything!
My god. A Rohmer music video sounds utterly incongruous, and yet, there’s no doubt about it – that’s a Rohmer music video. By the way, someone had better promptly inform youtube that there’s a video with nipples on their site. People shouldn’t be able to see this kind of pornography*. [/sarcasm]. *(this will happen. Some good samaritan will report this, and the video will almost certainly be deleted in due course).

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